12 November 2018

The Minister of National Security Marvin Dames went out on a limb to defend the search and rescue efforts and claims that Byron Ferguson did not file a flight plan for his flight, “so the public must not rush to assumptions.”

There is so much wrong with this response by Mr Marvin Dames. Many persons found these comments really shocking.

The search and rescue efforts were negligent. Terribly so. However, the Minister seemed satisfied with what was done and went out on the defensive.

No one blamed Mr Dames or anyone else for the plane crash. In fact the increased media scrutiny was hopefully going to get the Minister to put pressure on the boots on the ground to correct the situation.

However, we all know that there are shortcomings in all of our governmental departments on some level or another. In fact some issues are legacy issues that the current government or minister inherited and are not responsible for and do not have a quick fix for. The RBDF is one of these institutions. It’s search and rescue capabilities and efforts are not up to standard.

That does not mean that the RBDF is useless.

That does not degrade the hard work and sacrifice that the many marines who put on the uniform put forth.

There is an area of weakness that has been identified that needs improvement.

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